Proud to be part of the PRCA Virtual Agencies Group

28th February 2019

As clients increasingly look for efficient PR solutions, the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) has recognised that flexible agencies are on the up. Chapman Poole has been selected as a founding member of the new PRCA Virtual Agencies Group, which is chaired by virtual agency, The PR Network.

During a time when businesses are looking for efficient and agile PR support all over the world, these new types of agencies are trumping traditional agencies to big brand briefs, which historically would only have been delivered by global top fee earning outfits.   

The PRCA Virtual Agency Group defines these new agencies as being:

“Based on a flexible PR model which uses robust technology to bring together the best senior PR professionals from across the globe, without the need to work out of the same physical location”.

The aim of the new industry group is to discuss the opportunities and challenges offered to agencies who categorise themselves as ‘virtual’ and to develop initiatives that drive the sector forward. 

Agatha Chapman-Poole says: “We’re proud to be one of the first PR agencies to herald the virtual business model, offering clients best value senior expertise while providing freelance consultants all over the world with exciting projects.”

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